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June 2020.  After the horrific and unjust death of George Floyd, I've returned to my website to add these few words:


 I've had this image here on the front page for over a year, because I have always been so proud to know this person. Pictured below is John W. Thompson. He still is one of the few African American CEO's to lead a global technology behemoth: Symantec then, Chairman of Microsoft now.  

For all of us who worked for him, he continues to be a shinning leadership beacon.  It was a privilege and an honor to learn from him -  John's humility and high standards set the bar and I strive toward them everyday. I have so much to learn, am committed to doing so & acknowledge that I will fall short along the way.  

These past weeks have been a significant wake up call for self-examination.  John taught us to be self aware and to always be making a difference by saying and doing. 


Black Lives Matter. To make a difference, I must continue to educate myself, listen, be humble and most of all take action.  It's time.

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