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Unscripted - For a short sneak preview!  Click here

Unscripted is a series of interviews with people from all walks of life that we started recording in March 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic started to take hold.

Born from sheer interest in what other people think, how the world is affecting them and what can they teach us. It is indeed, totally 'unscripted' but gives us an opportunity to hear the unfiltered thoughts on the crisis, leadership, the economy and more.


Program 1

Dr Chris Thornberg, founder and managing partner of Beacon Economics.  He counts former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan as a former colleague from whom he leaned so much from.  His views on how the economy will play out differ from the mainstream media and the hysteria he says that emanates every day.  Will he be correct and why?  Enjoy...

Please note, it may open in the middle of the interview, just take it back to the start!
Dr Chris.jpg
Please note, it may open in the middle of the interview, just take it back to the start!

Program 2


Niloo Razi-Howe, is a board member at Morgan Stanley N.A. An investor, strategy guru and entrepreneur, she is life member on the Council for Foreign Relations.  Niloo was the Chief Strategy Officer for Security giant RSA and is a much sought after speaker and business mind.  Her life journey alone is so interesting.  Recording is part of the key note at SauceCon May 2020. 

Program 3

Maestro Carlo Rizzi, renowned international operatic & orchestral conductor talks dealing with the critics, creating the magic and what he does when mobile phones come alive in performances.

Please note, it may open in the middle of the interview, just take it back to the start!

Program 4


The Rt. Honorable Carwyn Jones AM is the former First Minister of Wales. He served as both the leader of his country and the Welsh Labour Party from 2009 to 2018 making him one of the longest serving democratically elected country leaders of our time.  Instrumental in the devolution process and the early days of Welsh Government, Carwyn talks candidly about the positive and negatives of politics today, leadership and what happened when President Obama first visited Wales for the NATO summit.


Program 5


Elke Edwards has been helping the CEOs of publicly and privately held companies for over 20 years. Today, as the founder of Ivy House in London, she focuses on leadership skills for those younger rising stars in companies who have not been taught many of the fundamental skills, operational and emotional that will help become the best equipped leaders of our future. We've broken up this interview into five 5 minute bite sized segments covering relationship management (personal and professional), achieving conscious competence and what she regards as one of the most vital ingredients for leadership: learning agility.

Click on each segment below to take you to the interview

ATRy thi one.jpg

Program 6


This three way interview is with Niloo (see above), but this time in her capacity as the Chair of IREX.  We are joined by Kristen Lord, the President and CEO of IREX.  This 60 year old organization focuses on a just, prosperous and inclusive world.  They are truly global and have supported free speech, education for the underserved, leadership for those helping society at all stages of development.  They fight persistent poverty, repression and injustice to enable people to reach their potential in the face of extraordinary and often unimaginable difficulties.  Normally we try to keep these down to less than 30 minutes.  Not this time.  Both Niloo and Kristen have way to much that we need to hear.  Enjoy and donate to this extraordinary organization. 


Program 7

Delighted to be joined in this episode by The Hon Stephen Smith, former Australian Minister for Defence, Foreign Affairs & Trade.


A minister at the forefront of Australian politics from 2007 to 2013 he was highly influential in the Rudd and Gillard governments.  He served in the House of Representative from 1993 to 2013.  He has been a professor of Law at the University of Western Australia since 2014.  Enjoy his many stories on political life, preparation for being grilled in public and Australia's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

hon Stpehen .jpg

Program 8

I've known and admired Lord Arbuthnot of Edrom for over 15 years. James is Member of the UK House of Lords and the former British Defence Select Committee Chairman.  He served as a Minister of the UK Parliament from 1987 to 2015.  Serving as the first Defence Procurement Minister, he was also Chief Whip and remains passionate about the resilience of global infrastructure. School captain at Eton, before going up to Trinity College Cambridge to study law, he was clear about his desire to lead and make a difference specifically in the United Kingdom.  His views on defence and national security are constantly sought after.  See how sought after he was on a trip to Afghanistan and the photos of a rocket grenade narrowly missing the military helicopter he was being flown in...   

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